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It's Not Training...It's a Lifestyle

I had a vision for an online hub where people could come and learn about raising family dogs within a compassionate, connection-focused framework. My vision included an online portion that members could go through on their own and focus on the topics that they need the most help with but also be able to continue to grow and learn new ways to have fun with their dog. I wanted to make sure that anyone could enrol, no matter their budget and learn how to improve their situation, help their dog overcome great challenges or start their puppy off on the right foot. RDU is my vision come to life for an all-encompassing community where guardians can come for behaviour, wellness and nutrition support. 

The Difference RDU Makes..

If you're looking for an online source to guide you on how to raise your family dog, our self-paced program is the best option out there. Most online academies provide courses and classes that you can attend on your own, but they lack the connection and support most guardians need and that is what we focus on. 
You can work through the home study content, masterclasses and learning guides at your own pace but as a member of our online self-paced program you also have access to the member forums, facebook group and the signal channel to ask your questions and get the support you need. It might be home study, but you're never on your own to figure things out!
And if home study is not your thing, you can work with me in a one-on-one counselling capacity. We encourage all of our clients to continue to work through the online learning library for a greater understanding of the concepts they are learning in our private sessions together. This offers a deeper level of understanding of dog behaviour, communication, neuroscience, applied ethology, canine needs and how to cultivate a deeply-rooted connection. If you are looking for individual support and guidance, Private Behaviour Counselling is for you! When you enrol in Resilient Dog University before booking your family dog mediation & counselling sessions, you'll save 25%!
"I am so grateful for you, Niki! You just make everything make sense and have made such a difference in our lives already. You are an absolute gift!"
—Corine & Sadie

What's Waiting for you Inside?

Maybe you've tried online courses before and didn't have any luck but that's likely because you didn't have the support you needed to bring all of the concepts together. RDU is different than the rest of the home study options. 

Not only do you gain access to all of the online courses, master classes and learning guides on topics such as the basics of connection, genetics, overcoming reactive behaviour, embracing prey drive, polite greetings, resources guarding and pet nutrition but also you'll be able to chat with me live each month on zoom or our facebook community chats. 

There are so many resources waiting for you inside our learning hub. Immediately after enrolling you can access the RDU Crew area, browse the learning guides, access the facebook group and start your first webinar! 

Check out some of the courses that are waiting for you...

Raising Resilient Puppies

This informative five week long course helps new puppy parents navigate raising their puppy to be resilient, calm and happy. Enrol Now to learn how to meet your puppy's needs, understand their communication and increase the chance of preventing mental health challenges from developing in the future. 

Cultivating Connection Course

Our flagship online course takes guardians on an in-depth walk through understanding the importance of growing a garden of healthy attachments with their dog. Upon completion you'll better understand healthy dog-parent attachment, arousal, communication and how to foster feelings of safety and trust. 

Raising Resilience in Dogs

This course is for the families of dogs who are struggling with mental health challenges that negatively impact their well-being. Raising Resilience focuses on the emotions of dogs and understanding the neurobiological changes that occur as a result of trauma or repetitive negative experiences. 

And There's More! 

When you Enrol in RDU you unlock FULL ACCESS to all of our courses, masterclasses, tutorials, live training sessions and every single virtual event that happens in the future. If you are looking for support with prey drive, connection, cooperation, responsiveness, greetings, resource guarding, separation anxiety, reactivity bias or other canine behaviour challenges, join now to finally get the support you need and want. 

Build Your Own Program

I created the Online Home Study Program to give dog guardians the freedom and flexibility to create their own program to meet their needs, fit into their budget and work around their availability. 

At the centre of my programs is the virtual training hub called The RDU Crew Area. This is where you'll find numerous home study courses, bonus masterclasses, step by step training guides, monthly live Q&A sessions, and unlimited virtual support through text and email. 
You can choose from a budget-friendly monthly enrolment option, an annual enrolment option or the most popular lifetime enrolment option. Once you enrol, you can work through the self-paced home study courses, connect in the community and even book private counselling sessions at the member discount price as you need the extra support. 

There are three enrolment options for you to choose from to give you total freedom to create the program that works for you. They are outlined below:  

Option #1

Monthly Enrolment


Low monthly investment
Unlimited virtual support
Monthly live Q&As
Q&A archive
Monthly challenges
Bonus masterclasses
Home study courses
25% off of 1:1 Counselling

Option #3 

Lifetime Enrolment

$495/one time

Most Popular Option
Unlimited virtual support
Monthly live Q&As
Q&A archive
Monthly challenges
Bonus masterclasses
Home study courses
25% off of 1:1 Counselling
BONUS #1 Getting Started Workbook
BONUS #2 Raising Dogs with Love Guide

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