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As a member of the Connected Partners Community, you have access to the entire library of online courses, masterclasses, ever-evolving learning guides & tutorial and all future courses and classes that may be released. That means that when I release a new online course or masterclass, you get access for no additional cost! Keep an eye on the Member Event Page for upcoming classes and courses. 

Full Length Courses

Cultivating Connection

The Cultivating Connection Course is a great place to start working through the online courses. This course is a 5 week long, deep dive into how to cultivate a connection with your dog and help to bring balance to their nervous system. 

Partnership Foundations

The Partnership Foundations Course is your next step on your journey with your dog. This course focuses on building partnership through dynamic games, play and movement. The Cultivating Connection Course is recommended prior.

Raising Resilience

The Raising Resilience Course is a 5 week long journey through HEALing emotional reactivity in dogs through science-based understanding and simple daily practices. It is recommended that you complete PFC and CCC prior to this course.

Learning Guides & Tutorials

If you want to make the most of your membership into CPU Online, check out the Daily News Posts & The Learning Guides for additional resources, video lessons and step-by-step tutorials on various topics.

Masterclasses & Bonus Lessons

Embracing Prey Drive

This two-part masterclass series is based on the European technique for working with your dog's prey drive, rather than trying to "train it out" of your dog; which is actually an impossible task.

Calm Greetings

Watch this masterclass to understand greetings from your dog's perspective so you can meet your dog's needs when greetings happen. Important for puppies and adult dogs. 

Place Training

Mat/Place Training is a versatile skill that can be applied to many different situations. A great skill for dogs to chew, beg, jump, pace and for supporting green zone activation. 
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