There is Hope for Canine Separation Anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety is a debilitating mental health condition in dogs that causes symptoms ranging from mild stress to full-blown panic.

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety may present symptoms such as barking, crying, howling, soiling and destructive behaviour when left alone or when a particular member of the family is not present. 

Canine separation anxiety profoundly and negatively affects the quality of life of dogs who suffer from it, and their family is also significantly impacted. 

In the past, there were a lot of misunderstandings about separation anxiety and how to support the families devastated by this condition. However, canine behaviour and mental health advancements have advanced practical support for families. 

There is hope in new treatments and integrative canine behaviour counselling programs. If your dog is showing signs or symptoms of separation anxiety, I can help you learn how to improve your dog's quality of life. 

Healing is Possible

Separation anxiety doesn't have to be an impossible mission. Healing is possible when you have an expert to guide you through a program with step-by-step protocols. 

Separation anxiety is a very individual experience, and it is best treated through a tailored and customized program for your unique situation. During the intake, your counsellor will help you identify a baseline of what your dog can do and create a plan to evolve their home alone time slowly and carefully. To succeed, you must be ready to commit to a program wholly; otherwise, you’ll likely not be successful. 

Throughout the program, your dog can’t be left alone longer than they can handle; otherwise, you won’t make any progress. So you essentially have to sign a contract with yourself and your dog through a promise that you are ready for this and will do everything you can to prevent the anxiety from being experienced. There are two program options depending on what you think you need for support. 

The deluxe program is intensive and involves daily check-ins and support. This is the right program for you if you don’t feel confident doing things independently and want daily help, at least for the first four weeks of your program. The basic program is still excellent but involves weekly check-ins and support rather than daily. This is the right program for you if you feel like, with a weekly plan, you can tackle the daily work without needing extra support. 

Get Separation Anxiety Support Now


Intake & Baseline

All programs start with an intake so your counsellor can provide important information and help you complete a baseline assessment that will be used to create your custom plan. 


Custom Plan 

After the intake, your customized support plan will be created and emailed to you with your first steps which include a baseline assessment and daily healthy habits planner. 


Virtual Counselling

No matter where you live, you'll get daily or weekly virtual or phone support through your program depending on which you one you choose to enrol in. 

The Deluxe Home Alone Program for Canine Separation Anxiety

The program requires a minimum commitment of four weeks to make some serious progress and momentum in the right direction. 

Included in the Deluxe Program:

Customized daily support plans & protocols (5 days a week). 

You will have an individualized plan with different games, exercises and protocols based on what you and your dog need. 

Unlimited weekday support, feedback and a daily dose of hope (5 days a week).

You are not alone on this journey to help your dog feel safe when they are home alone.  We will chat daily to ensure that you feel confident and clear on your daily plan. 

Weekly 30-45 minute virtual counselling sessions (once per week). 

In addition to our check-ins and support almost daily, once per week, we will meet live on Zoom for a more in-depth counselling session. 

This program is intensive but effective as well. By the end, the separation anxiety likely won’t be resolved, but you’ll be on the right path, and your confidence in how to move forward will be dramatically higher. 

The pricing for the deluxe program is $1750 or $1310 for CPU Members. To get the member price, enrol in CPU Online First, then login to your account to access the 25% discount. 

The Basic Home Alone Program for Canine Separation Anxiety

Like the deluxe program, the basic home alone program also requires a commitment of four weeks, but instead of daily plans and check-ins, your counsellor will outline a weekly plan for you that you go through on your own. 

Included in the Basic Program: 

Customized weekly support plans & protocols are supplied at the beginning of the week (once per week). 

You will be provided with an individualized plan with different games, exercises and protocols based on what you and your dog need. This is not a standardized support plan but a weekly plan written specifically for you.

You will go through this plan each week on your own, without daily support from me. If you join CPU Online (Home Study), you can access our online community for support and inspiration as well as take advantage of the member discounts.

Weekly 60-90 minute virtual counselling sessions (once per week). 

In addition to the weekly plan, once per week, we will meet together live on Zoom for an in-depth counselling session together. 

In this session, we can overview your notes from the week, assess progress, answer questions and address any concerns you may have. This session will also set you up for the week ahead so you can continue to make success. 

This program can be repeated each month until you have made enough progress to feel comfortable enough to move forward on your own. 

The pricing for the basic program is $895 or $447 for CPU Members. To get the member price, enrol in CPU Online First, then login to your account to access the 50% discount. 

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