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Are you struggling with your dog's behaviour, or with knowing how to help complex client cases?

Mediation & Mentorship for families and professionals who love dogs.

If you are a dog guardian struggling to find support and guidance for your dog's behaviour and mental health or a canine professional wanting to expand your knowledge of canine mental health, you've come to the right place. With over 23 years of experience working with complex canine behaviour cases, I offer specialized counselling for families navigating canine dysregulation and mentorship for professionals wanting to evolve their practice.

Family Counselling & Mediation

I know how much you love your dog, but it can be very stressful when they are struggling with emotional dysregulation and behaviour problems. If your family needs specialized counselling for mild to severe canine mental health and behaviour issues, you need an expert to guide you through the healing process. 

I developed the Canine-Centred Therapy approach to provide insight into the complete picture of the dog through the six layers that make them who they are. Through family counselling sessions we explore your dog's Constitution, Ancestry, Need fulfillment, Individuality, Nurturing and Experiences (C.A.N.I.N.E) to discover who they are at their core and help them tap into their innate wisdom. 

This approach recognizes that dogs come into this world fully equipped to navigate life, and our role as caregivers and guardians must be to nurture their development and celebrate their autonomy, not to demand obedience from them. Let's work together to deepen your bond with your dog and improve your whole family's quality of life. 

Mentorship & Education

Are you a dog walker/sitter, trainer or behaviour consultant looking for support in your business or personal life? Or are you looking to expand your skillset and understanding of canine mental health?

As a 20+ year veteran in the dog behaviour and counselling industry, and a trained counselling professional for people, I can support you in your business development, continuing education and personal growth. 

Issues like burn-out, compassionate fatigue, and imposter syndrome run rampant in the dog industry. Plus there are the added challenges of running a business and keeping up with everything on your plate. Unlike other business coaches and mentors, I understand the canine professional field on a deep level and am familiar with the unique challenges faced by many in the industry and can provide empathetic mentorship and professional guidance. 

The canine industry is currently unregulated and I'm an advocate for changing the current standards for canine professionals in all areas of the industry. Clearing defining the scope of practice for entry level and specialized dog trainers and behaviour consultants is needed for the safety of our communities. I developed the Applied Canine Development Sciences certificate program to bring new professional standards and a code of ethics into the canine industry through cutting-edge, science-based education.

"Niki is so genuine, authentic, and goes over and above to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. She is amazing and I highly recommend her."

Britt S.