Compassion.  Integrity.  Excellence.

Are you struggling with your dog's behaviour, or with knowing how to help complex client cases?

Mediation & Mentorship for families and professionals who love dogs.

With over 20 years of experience working with extreme cases of canine mental illness and behaviour issues, and education in ethology, psychology and counselling for both dogs and humans, I offer specialized mediation. &support for families needing help with their dog, and mentorship for professionals learning to navigate complex cases. 

Family Dog Mediation & Support Services

Are you looking for support and guidance on how to resolve your dog's behaviour issues?

Or maybe you have a new puppy or dog and you'd like to learn how to integrate them into your life and raise them to be confident, safe and happy members of your family and community...

If your family needs specialized counselling for mild to severe canine mental health and behaviour issues, you need an expert to guide you through the healing process. 

Professional Mentorship & Support Services

Are you a dog walker/sitter, trainer or behaviour consultant looking for support in your business or personal life?

Issues like burn-out, compassionate fatigue, and imposter syndrome run rampant in the dog industry. Plus there are the added challenges of running a business and keeping up with everything on your plate. 

If you are a dog professional who is ready to tackle the things that are holding you back or causing distress, you need an expert who understands what you are going through. 

"Niki is so genuine, authentic, and goes over and above to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. She is amazing and I highly recommend her."

Britt S.