Compassion.  Integrity.  Excellence.
Niki Perry offers family dog mediation & behaviour counselling services. Her services include dog and puppy raising support, in person courses and clinics as well as professional-led day school programs for dogs. Based out of Revelstoke BC, but available world-wide virtually, Niki's approach is uniquely integrative and specializing in the resolution of complex canine behaviour and mental health challenges through kindness and a deep understanding of science. 

Through masterfully combining elements of applied ethology, behaviour learning theories, cognitive learning theories and neurobiology, with intuitive connection, Niki's guidance is unlike anything else offered in the dog behaviour industry. Her mission  is to help animals live their best life by feeling their best through lessons that focus on understanding the genetic, individual, unmet needs, environmental and learning factors that result in canine behaviour. 

Niki is committed to fear-free and force-free methods to raise and care for animals. Her approach to working with animals is founded in compassion, connection and cooperation. No punishment, intimidation or pain is ever used or taught in her sessions, classes or clinics. You will not learn how to correct your dog, but you will learn how to listen to them, understand them, meet their fundamental needs, support their development and enjoy your life together. 

With 20 years of experience working with dogs in a professional setting, Niki has worked with thousands of families to help them understand their dog better so they can raise them to be calm, content and cooperative. She's a counsellor, teacher, mentor and friend to all who know her and work with her. 


If you're looking for private behaviour support for your dog, I have many options to choose from and I am committed to finding you the best program that will give you all the guidance you need for the budget that you are comfortable with. 


I offer a variety of online courses and in person events for families needing support and guidance on raising their family dog. In person events are held in Revelstoke BC and are a great opportunity to learn new things and have some fun with your dog. 


If you like to learn at your own pace, I have a wonderful online learning community that will support your expansion of knowledge. Resilient Dog University is the heart of the self-paced

"Niki is so genuine, authentic, and goes over and above to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. She is amazing and I highly recommend her."

Britt S.

Let's Work Together...

I started my career in the behaviour field over 20 years ago because I wanted to help families understand their dog better, and learn how to help them thrive in life. As my practice has evolved, I have developed a unique way to bring a holistic approach into working with dogs and the families who love them. I've helped thousands of families and their dogs overcome great obstacles in their life so that they can start to live with less worry and more JOY!