Family Dog Mediation & Behaviour Counselling

To foster the development of healthy behaviour in their dogs, guardians can discover the unique intelligence of their dogs and celebrate them for who they are while ensuring their canine needs are constantly being met to support overall well-being. 

Family dog mediation & behaviour counselling is a branch of work within the umbrella of professional dog training, but it doesn't involve training a dog in the traditional sense. Humans and dogs have lived in a cooperative relationship for roughly 33,000 years, and obedience training has existed only in the last 120 years. 

The truth is, dogs don't need to be trained in obedience to live and thrive with humans. Training is for sport, but to live successfully and happily with humans, dogs don't need training; they need to be raised as part of the family. Dogs need to be seen, heard, valued and loved like other family members. 

Working with a Family Dog Mediator & Behaviour Counsellor

As a Family Dog Mediator & Integrative Behaviour Counsellor, my approach is much different than a traditional dog trainer's methods. My work isn't trying to achieve obedience in dogs, but rather to improve the mental health of dogs and their families. Through our sessions, I help guardians learn to lead their dogs with love and become connected partners through understanding, listening, empathy, building trust, learning to communicate clearly, cooperation through play and meeting their dogs needs. Working one-on-one with a family dog mediator & behaviour counsellor is a beautiful way to learn how to support your dog's development and improve their mental health, resilience and confidence. 

Family dog mediation & support focuses on improving the physical, mental and emotional health of dogs and puppies to support their nervous system into balance and promote optimal biological function. It encompasses interwoven aspects of behaviourism, applied behaviour analysis, ethology, cognitive behavioural techniques, neuroscience, positive psychology, relationship psychology, energy sciences and mindfulness. 

Families struggling with various challenges such as puppy-raising issues, emotional reactivity, anxiety, barking, digging, chewing, pulling on the leash, hyperactive behaviour, impaired sensory integration, difficulties maintaining focus or any other issue that comes up can get support, guidance and care through our sessions. Although each client and situation is unique, each session is based upon the Family Dog Raising Guide and the Five Fundamental Needs for Healthy Canine Development to help dogs with their behaviour from the inside out. 

Rates & Info

Sessions are offered virtually worldwide. In-person sessions are limited at this time. 

Moderate to Severe Mental Health & Behaviour Issues

If you are looking for help with your dog who is displaying concerning behaviour or experiencing mild to severe emotional distress, our working alliance will begin with a two-hour intake session. 

In this initial session we will work together to: 

  • Understand who your dog is through their unique personality type
  • Assess your dog's current behaviour expression and figure out what it is rooted in
  • Identify the arousal zones and which activities produce different levels of arousal
  • Start to build a routine of healthy habits including enrichment, rest and play
  • Identify your dog's triggers and create a plan to prevent re-traumatization
  • Teach basic responsiveness and attention as a foundation for cooperation

In our follow-up sessions together, we don't focus our efforts on obedience training but rather, we work to ensure the needs of your dog are being met to heal and balance any existing dysregulation, support regulation, lower stress levels, teach skills needed for coping, build resilience and confidence and prevent future issues from developing. 

Session notes, video references, homework, handouts and back & forth communication included in every session. 

Mild Behaviour Concerns & Family Support

If you have just added a puppy or rescue to your family and have questions about how to raise them, or if your dog is displaying mild behaviour issues such as leash pulling or not coming back when called, without the experience of emotional distress, our working alliance will begin with a one-hour counselling session. 

In our initial session we will collaborate to: 

  • Understand your concerns and presenting challenges
  • Assess your dog's current functioning
  • Set achievable goals for our working alliance
  • Start building the skills necessary to reach the goals of the program

Follow-up sessions will continue to build on the skills learned and integrate them into your daily life to improve confidence, responsiveness, cooperation and happiness. 

Session notes, video references, homework, handouts and back & forth communication included in every session. 

Current Rates (as of March 1, 2023): 

Canine Intake Session (2 hours) - $325
Canine Counselling Session (60 minutes) - $175
Canine Counselling Session (45 minutes) - $130
Canine Support Call (15 minutes/single topic) - $45

Book Your Intake Today!

I believe in providing the most effective and comprehensive support to my clients right from the start. That's why my intake sessions are conducted virtually. During your intake sessions, I share a detailed presentation that utilizes visual aids, such as charts and graphics, to illustrate the key concepts of my canine counselling theory. This visual approach not only enhances understanding but also allows for a deeper engagement with the material presented and personalized discussion to ensure you take away as much as you can from our initial meeting. If you are ready to get started, head over to my calendar and book your virtual two-hour intake today!  

Get help, from the comfort of your home!

I know you might be hesitant about virtual counselling for your dog's behaviour. Traditionally, dog training was done in person because the focus was on obedience training without a concern for the dog's emotional well-being. It's important to understand that I don't need to see your dog's behaviour to be able to help you!

Benefits of virtual counselling: 

  • We don't risk re-traumatization or triggering damaging distress for your dog
  • No travel and less stress for you - stay in the comfort of your home
  • No location barriers for booking - I book virtually with clients all over the world
  • Faster booking process without the hassle of arranging travel
Let's get started today! 

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