Behaviour Solutions

You Can Do This.

Changing our dogs' behaviour often requires a change in our own behaviour and mindset. My programs offer an extraordinary level of knowledge, experience and compassion to help you on your life journey with your dog. No matter what you are going through, I can support you. Let's create your custom program today!

How Does A Holistic Approach Help You...

As a Holistic Behaviour Consultant, my approach is much different than a traditional obedience instructor's. I'm not trying to achieve obedience in dogs, but rather to help guardians become partners with their dogs through connection, clear communication, loving leadership and cooperation. 

I see behaviour as just the surface expression of many emotional and biological responses within the body. Simply put, behaviour is communication. Dogs can't talk it out, so they act it out for us. Of course behaviour is influenced by many factors from health, well-being, emotions, learning history, genetics and environment. 

To help your dog work through their challenges we have to look at all contributors and assess your unique situation to create a plan and get to work towards your goals. My programs never include the use of fear, pain, intimidation, dominance, correction or coercion. My methods are based in the principals of learning and neuroscience and always focus on the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the animal. 

Every situation is unique and every program will look a little different. The best way to discover what I can offer you is to book a free discovery call with me. I'll gather up the details of the challenges you and your dog are facing and learn more about your needs, goals and desires before suggesting a path for you to take.

Choose How We Work Together

I have home study options for students who want to learn at their own pace, want to combine the unlimited online support with in-person coaching and those who are not in my local community. 

Private coaching can be done both in-person and online and is a great option for those who need extra support, have lots of questions. want to go at their own pace and prefer 1:1 support. 

Jumpstart Training Programs

Partnership Jumpstart Programs include private training walk and private outing options for families who need extra professional support for their fearful, reactive, anxious or hyper-active dog.  

*In-person coaching and jumpstart programs are only available to those in the Revelstoke BC Community.

Connected Partners University

 The ONLY only canine university that offers home study, in-person and hybrid program options for families and guardians of dogs having a hard time with reactivity, aggression, fearfulness, anxiety and/or hyper-arousal. 

When you enrol today, you can take advantage of the unlimited virtual support offered in the online learning community to advance your skills so that you and your dog will not only succeed your journey together but actually enjoy it. 

You'll also be able to join in the weekly live Q&As, monthly training challenges, webinar archive, 70 units of training topics, home study courses and new program offerings. 

If home study learning isn't your thing, you can choose in-person or virtual 1:1 coaching and you'll get private support tailored to you and live troubleshooting to strategize your next steps.

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"Thank YOU!! I am not easily impressed but you are amazing! I can’t believe the amount of information that you got into us in such a short time. I loved all the practical sessions. My time is very valuable so I appreciate how magically you stuck to your agenda!! I love your calm presence with both the dogs and their guardians!! I look forward to coming (to Revy) again for future workshops!!!"
—Chris M, Vernon BC
"Santa got our family a new puppy, with it came some challenges because of previous location. i was frustrated, exhausted and not sure what to do! i reached out to niki and she gave me the best suggestions but also took the time to help me understand what the heck might be going through my pups brain!! within just a week i had an almost fully potty trained puppy, one who went from ripping apart her kennel to going in it to take naps, breaks and just to hang out! i thought i was going to have to spend so much money at petsmart or something but she was BRILLIANT just over voice messages! She's knowledgeable and you can feel her passion and love for Fur babies! 5 stars for sure!!
—Cathy B, Twin Falls ID
""I learned so much in the workshop last weekend! Broo is doing great at his games and we are having so much fun practicing!" 
—Jayme R, Revelstoke BC