Integrative Canine Behaviour Counselling & Support

The Integrative Canine Behaviour Counselling Programs focus on improving the physical, mental and emotional health of dogs and puppies to support their nervous system into balance and promote optimal biological function. It encompasses interwoven aspects of behaviourism, applied behaviour analysis, cognitive behavioural techniques, neuroscience, positive psychology, relationship psychology, energy sciences and mindfulness. 

As an Integrative Canine Behaviour Counsellor, my approach is much different than a traditional dog trainer's methods. My work isn't trying to achieve obedience in dogs, but rather to improve the mental health of dogs and their families. Through our sessions, I help guardians learn to lead their dogs with love and become connected partners through understanding, listening, empathy, building trust, learning to communicate clearly, cooperation through play and meeting their dogs needs. 

The behaviour of dogs is influenced by many factors from health, well-being, emotions, learning history, genetics and environment but at it's core, behaviour is really just the way a dog communicates with us. They can't speak to us, so they show us how they are feeling, what they need and what they like or dislike, through their behaviour. Beneath the surface, there are emotional and biological processes that occur within the body and if there is imbalance somewhere, it will be expressed through a dog's behaviour. 

Integrated behaviour counselling is a guide to raising dogs, not training dogs. This approach is suitable for all dogs and puppies to support personal evolution, healthy development, build confidence, improve resilience and create a cooperative partnership. I specialize both in the development of puppies as well as working with emotional reactivity. 

Often a dog’s behaviour mirrors what their guardian is experiencing in their internal state so an integrative canine behavioural counselling program includes aspects of personal evolution for the guardian and incorporates aspects of healing that include the discovery of the power of connection, thoughts, perspective, perception, awareness and synchronicity. 

Changing a dog's behaviour often requires a shift in perspective and mindset of the guardian. My programs offer an extraordinary level of knowledge, experience and compassion to help you on your life journey with your dog. No matter what you are going through, I can support you. 

A Holistic Approach to HEALing a Reactive Mind

I define a reactivity as the state of mind that produces unhealthy behaviour that an individual uses to express emotional dysregulation. In other words, behaviour is the way a dog communicates that they are having a hard time adapting or regulating their emotional state under certain, specific conditions. 

Reactivity affects a dog’s ability to feel safe, stay regulated and manage impulses and it can have a negative impact on the well-being and welfare of dogs. Dogs living with a reactive mind may have challenges with emotional regulation, staying attentive, responding to cues and direction, adapting to changes in the environment and coping with stress. 

A holistic approach to reactivity helps a dog heal from the inside out. We start by addressing your dog's internal state by ensuring their biological needs are being met with good nutrition, a healthy routine, connection and comfort and appropriate rest and recovery. 
Once we've addressed the biological needs, we move on to the emotional needs of dogs to ensure through the leading with love framework. We continue to work our way up the Five Fundamental Needs of Healthy Canine Development to include meeting their social needs, cognitive needs and their needs for training. 

The integrated behaviour counselling programs are delivered through a variety of outlets such as through home study, private counselling for dogs or puppies or through a day school program for dogs. 

Let's Get Started Today

If you are looking for behaviour support to guide you on raising your puppy or dog, overcoming aggressive behaviour, healing a reactivity bias or supporting other unhealthy behaviour responses through home study, private behaviour therapy, day school or a combination of these options, I have programs that will help you reach your partnership goals. 

The Home Study Programs offers students the freedom and flexibility to create their own program based on needs, budget as well availability. You can enrol in this program for as little as $27/mo to access the home study and get started working towards your goals immediately. As a member you can add-on 1:1 coaching sessions as needed to support your learning and you'll get 50% off of my coaching rates. 

The Private Behaviour Counselling Programs are an accelerated option that includes 1:1 coaching as part of the program. You'll still access the home study portion to help you between your sessions and give you video guides that offer you clarity as you complete your homework. If you are working through challenging behaviour such as reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, fear, phobias, prey drive or hyper-activity, this is a great option for you.

The Puppy Raising & Support Program was specifically designed with the families of young puppies in mind. This program includes a two hour puppy raising program intake, 3 additional puppy raising support sessions and the home study courses and online community for additional resources and learning guides. As a lifetime member of the online community, once you've completed this program, you can add additional behaviour counselling sessions on for 25% off. 

Raising Resilience - Day School for Dogs Program is for families who need a little, or a lot, of extra behaviour support with their canine companion. Designed specifically for dogs struggling with emotional reactivity, anxiety, over-arousal, excitability, low confidence and disconnection, the day school program is a wonderful option for busy families who need help providing the necessary enrichment and behaviour therapy for their dog. This program is also suitable for those families who see the benefits of canine enrichment and the cycle of emotional regulation and would like to provide a fun way to support healthy behaviour and self-expression in their dogs. 

Private Behaviour Counselling

For those looking for individual support to work through unhealthy behaviour expressions such as emotional reactivity, general anxiety, separation anxiety, over-arousal, over-excitability, aggression or general non-responsiveness.

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Home Study Options

Build your own program to fit your budget, goals and availability. This program combines home study, online courses and unlimited virtual support with the option to add-on 1:1 coaching as needed. 

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Puppy Raising & Support

A program designed specifically for families with puppies between the ages of 8-20 weeks to learn healthy habits, foster social development and tackle the common challenges puppy parents face. 

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Day School for Dogs

This day school program was designed to support families along their journey through raising and caring for their unique dog. 

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Not Sure Which Program is Right for You?

No problem! I understand that this is a really big decision. Thank you for being here and thinking so deeply about the help and support you and your dog need right now. You both deserve this chance to learn how to cultivate a connection, build a partnership, become resilient and learn to cope when life is stressful. 

If you would like my help to choose the right program, all you have to do is simply click the button below and you can fill out a quick intake form to give me some details so I can suggest the best option for you based on your unique situation, your needs for a coach and what type of work you want to do with your coach. 
"Thank YOU!! I am not easily impressed but you are amazing! I can’t believe the amount of information that you got into us in such a short time. I loved all the practical sessions. My time is very valuable so I appreciate how magically you stuck to your agenda!! I love your calm presence with both the dogs and their guardians!! I look forward to coming (to Revy) again for future workshops!!!"
—Chris M, Vernon BC
"Santa got our family a new puppy, with it came some challenges because of previous location. i was frustrated, exhausted and not sure what to do! i reached out to Niki and she gave me the best suggestions but also took the time to help me understand what the heck might be going through my pups brain!! within just a week i had an almost fully potty trained puppy, one who went from ripping apart her kennel to going in it to take naps, breaks and just to hang out! i thought i was going to have to spend so much money at petsmart or something but she was BRILLIANT just over voice messages! She's knowledgeable and you can feel her passion and love for Fur babies! 5 stars for sure!!
—Cathy B, Twin Falls ID
""I learned so much in the workshop last weekend! Broo is doing great at his games and we are having so much fun practicing!" 
—Jayme R, Revelstoke BC