Wellness Support

Living Well Starts with Balance.

Taking a holistic approach to behaviour work for animals starts with shifting the focus to healing from within and supporting balance in the body, mind and spirit. Gentle wellness practices help to dig out the root cause of the dysfunction so that new healthy daily habits can be learned and maintained. 

TEAM: Total Energy Alignment Method

Welcome to the "new modern" approach to working with animals in a whole-body wellness capacity. Niki Perry's TEAM System encapsulates a holistic solution for behaviour and wellness support through balancing the mind, the body and the spirit. 

The Total Energy Alignment Method is a way to bring your dog into a peaceful and calm state of being that allows for any past traumas to be healed and new patterns and responses to be learned. The practices learned are a wonderful compliment to any behaviour change program.  

Intuitive Connection

We are all wired to connect. Wonderful things can happen when you put some intention into sharing a healing space with your companion. The goal of TEAM is to balance the physical body, mental processes and emotional soul of you and your dog so that the nervous system can learn to default to a calm, content and connected state. When these techniques are incorporated into your regular routine, they can compliment the behaviour work you are doing by lowering stress levels, fostering connection and helping your dog feel safe. 

Zoophytotherapy - Plant Therapy for Dogs

I love to incorporate Zoophytotherapy Practices into my daily routine and TEAM techniques because of the way that aroma compounds interact with the limbic system of the brain upon inhalation. It is well-known that the limbic system governs both emotions and decision making and so using essential oils that have calming benefits for the brain and body are incredibly supportive for anxious, fearful and reactive dogs and they are a wonderful compliment to counterconditioning and emotional regulation techniques. 

Book a Discovery Call

If you would like to learn more about how TEAM and Essential Oils can help your reactive, fearful or anxious dog, you can speak to me directly so we can talk about your unique situation. Click the button to fill out the form and I'll reach out to you on the next business day. 

Join An Event/Webinar

Visit Connected Partners University to watch a webinar introduction to TEAM and you can discover this empowering and liberating system for bringing peace, balance and calm to your reactive, fearful or anxious dog. Click the button below to be redirected to the free webinar. 

Take the Course

If you are ready to dive in and take the full course, you can do so on the Connected Partners University Homepage. This is a go-at-your-own-pace home study course that is a prerequisite for any in-person workshops. Click the button below to be redirected to the TEAM Course.

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