Canine Wellness Consulting

A holistic approach to canine behaviour work looks at all aspects of the dog's life including but not limited to environment, learning history, past experiences, trauma, genetics and training history. Nutrition plays a vital role in a dog's overall well-being which can ultimately impact their behaviour as well. 

As a professional who works with complex cases of behaviour issues in dogs, I saw a need for additional training in the areas of nutrition and holistic therapies such as herbalism, essential oils, plant extracts and energy healing.  I believe that complex emotional or behavioural issues need a multilayered approach to overcome which is why I have taken my behaviour practice down a holistic path so I could expand my understanding of the dog's needs and support families better. 

I am not a veterinarian and as such cannot diagnose, prevent or treat illness or disease but I can provide you with information on natural therapies that may be beneficial to your dog's life, promote emotional & physical health or compliment a behaviour support program. If you have questions about the nutritional analysis of your dog's food, safe essential oil practices, CBD or herbs or want to learn calming techniques for your dog, you can book a consultation with me to have your questions answered.

The Total Wellness Package

If you're looking for the total package of behaviour and wellness support, enrol in a partnership program and you'll have instant access to CPU Online, the CPU Crew Area, Learning Guides and the Member Forum.  

Raising a companion dog can bring up a lot of questions and concerns. Guardians can get lost on the internet searching for answers and only end up more confused than before. When you enrol in a partnership program you can get consistent, science-based solutions most of the challenges that you face with your dog.  

You'll never feel alone or unsupported as a Member of Connected Partners University.
You'll have access to home study courses, learning guides, the member forum for discussion as well as a private facebook group to ask questions and get support. 

When you choose the Total Wellness Package from the options below, you aren't just getting a customized wellness plan and coaching, but also access to all of the CPU Community.  

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Choose Your Path to Wellness 

Whether you have a lot of questions or just need a little guidance, I can help you on your way. Wellness Consults are for guardians interested in natural therapies to improve their dog's overall emotional and physical health. 

The Wellness Package is a complete program that provides you with a Wellness Intake and two additional Wellness Follow-Ups. I'll write you a Wellness Plan based on your needs and goals and help you incorporate each element into your life. If the wellness package isn't the write path for you, start with the Wellness Intake and then purchase Follow-Ups as needed. Once you've purchased your package or session, you'll be prompted to login to book your session on the calendar. 

CPU Crew Members get 50% off Wellness Intake and Follow-Up sessions. If you are an existing CPU Crew Member, login to your account and you'll see the special pricing that's available to you when you check out. Alternatively, you can book directly through the Member Calendar

Wellness Package

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Wellness Follow-Up 

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