Training Programs

The path to your success is lead through a connection-focused lifestyle. Enrol today to discover how to create a cooperative partnership with your dog!

Practice Makes Perfect

Training Programs offer families a safe place to learn, practice and grow in partnership with their dog. Partnership Lifestyle Programs are offered in small groups and cover a variety of topics from building confidence in puppies and dogs to working through reactivity. 

Partnership JumpStart Programs are specifically for families working through a behaviour program but need a little extra hands-on training from a professional to accelerate the learning process. 

Partnership JumpStart

Available to Revelstoke BC locals only, the partnership jumpstart program helps guardians of reactive, hyper-active or fearful dogs, by providing day training and training walks between sessions to support learning.

Partnership Lifestyle

Lifestyle classes and workshops are offered seasonally by demand, in Revelstoke BC and  provide guardians with additional ways to learn new skills and practice them in real life situations. Check out what's being offered.

"Niki (or Aunty Niki as Diesel referred to her as) saved my relationship with my dog. Diesel was a 160lb Great Dane who became reactive. I tried every method out there with no success. When I found Niki, my world changed. She showed me how to create a safe place for Diesel, how to read him/what he needs and how to connect with him on a primal level. She gave me my best friend back, with an even stronger relationship than before.  Diesel passed last year, and so many of my most treasured memories with him are due to Niki’s guidance and support. He lasted a little bit longer in large part due to the use of doTerra oils and specific applications. Starting with my new puppy, I have created a bond with Lennon following Niki’s classes and reaching out for support whenever it’s needed! She truly understands animals and is able to help you create the loving, trusting and beautiful relationship you are seeking with your pets "
—Leslie E. 

Not Sure Which Program is Right for You?

No problem! This is a really big decision. I want to take a moment to hold space and honour you for being here and thinking so deeply about the help and support you and your dog need right now. You both deserve this chance to learn how to cultivate a connection, build a partnership, become resilient and learn to cope when life is stressful. 

If you would like my help to choose the right program, all you have to do is simply click the button below and you can fill out a quick intake form to give me some details so I can suggest the best option for you based on your unique situation, your needs for a coach and what type of work you want to do with your coach. 

Click the link below and I'll reply within 2 business days.

You Both Deserve This

Dogs bring us unconditional love and acceptance, even when we get things wrong or don't know how to help them. They see the best in us, even when we can't see it ourselves.

You are doing your best and your dog loves you for it. But also, you are probably here because you want to know more, understand better and have the tools to help your dog with whatever it is that they are struggling with.

Your dog is not trying to give you a hard time, they are having a hard time and now is your chance to reciprocate that unconditional love, acceptance and understanding that your dog has demonstrated for you.

I know you feel it to, that's why you are here looking for answers and guidance. You want to be the loving leader that your dog needs! You know that you both deserve to live the best life you can together and that starts with understanding.

Let's get started on this journey today!