Home Alone Basic Program

The Basic Home Alone Program is for families dealing with canine separation anxiety but is confident that they don't need daily follow-up support. If you need daily support and follow-up, the Deluxe Home Alone Program is for you. 

Like the deluxe program, the basic home alone program also requires a commitment of four weeks, but instead of daily plans and check-ins, your counsellor will outline a weekly plan for you that you go through on your own. 

Included in the Basic Program: 

Customized weekly support plans & protocols are supplied at the beginning of the week (once per week). 

You will be provided with an individualized plan with different games, exercises and protocols based on what you and your dog need. This is not a standardized support plan but a weekly plan written specifically for you.

You will go through this plan each week on your own, without daily support from me. If you join CPU Online (Home Study), you can access our online community for support and inspiration as well as take advantage of the member discounts.

Weekly 60-90 minute virtual counselling sessions (once per week). 

In addition to the weekly plan, once per week, we will meet together live on Zoom for an in-depth counselling session together. 

In this session, we can overview your notes from the week, assess progress, answer questions and address any concerns you may have. This session will also set you up for the week ahead so you can continue to make success. 

The pricing for the basic program is $897 or $447 for CPU Members. To get the member price, enrol in CPU Online First, then log in to your account to access the 50% discount.