Congratulations on Your New Puppy!

Adding a puppy to your family is such an exciting time! But I know you probably also feel overwhelmed and have a lot of questions. The truth is, things have changed a lot over the last few years and the way puppies used to be raised is much different than what professionals teach today. What's different? Well research has provided behaviour professionals with a lot of important information regarding the physical and emotional health of animals and that has lead to an extraordinary evolution of the animal behaviour field. I can help you navigate this fun and challenging time with your new puppy with the Puppy Raising & Support Program. 

Puppy Raising & Puppy Parent Support Program

This program was developed for new puppy parents who need a little extra guidance in the initial days and weeks of raising their puppy. I recommend the completion of a private training program as well participation in a puppy social group within the first 20 weeks of your puppy's life to set them up for success and happiness. 

I cover a lot of topics including emotional intelligence, proper socialization, no-punishment potty training, crate training, exploration walks, coming when called, focus & attention, greetings, settle in place, enrichment, need fulfillment, dealing with puppy biting and so much more. 

Included in the Puppy Raising & Support Program is a digital Puppy Partners Handbook & Guide, a two hour intake session to get you started, three 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, LIFEtime access to CPU Online, online support community, weekly live Q&As, unlimited virtual support, monthly online training challenges and prize draws!   

Our private puppy coaching sessions are only 30-45 minutes in length because puppies have a much shorter attention span than teenage or adult dogs. To find out more about upcoming Puppy Socials or Programs visit our Upcoming Events Page.

Enrol Today for Only $447

Enrol before your puppy arrives to have a plan and be prepared to welcome them into your home. Or enrol once they've arrived to get the support you need in the first few days that they are with you. Click the link below to get started and after you check out you'll receive the information to login to the members area, join the social community support group and book your puppy raising & support sessions. 

When you enrol today you also get access to our upcoming live, online course, Raising Your Resilient Puppy! This online course will compliment our private sessions together and give a little more in-depth understanding of what is going on beneath the surface of your developing puppy's behaviour and how to meet their needs. The course starts on Tuesday April 5 at 6pm PST and runs for 6 weeks.

This program is geared for families with puppies between the ages of 8-20 weeks to provide the support needed for puppy raising and overcoming challenges that new puppy parents face in the first few weeks. If your puppy is older than 20 weeks, the Private Therapy Programs are better suited for their growing needs. 

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