Online Professional Mentorship & Support

Whether you are an aspiring new dog professional, or a seasoned expert in the field, many of us need support and supervision in our businesses and personal life from time to time. As a 20+ year veteran in the dog behaviour and counselling industry, and a professional counsellor in training, I can support you in both your business and personal development.

I work virtually with dog walkers, pet sitters, daycare providers and behaviour consultants to help them develop programs, support their clients, work through imposter syndrome, combat compassionate fatigue, support emotional health, provide an empathetic listening ear and guidance to move forward towards success, confidence and fulfillment. 

Unlike other business coaches and mentors, I understand the canine professional field on a deep level and am familiar with the unique challenges faced by many in the industry. My professional mentoring & support program is led by you, so we can collaborate on the growth and development you need specifically in your personal and professional life. I want to help you reach your personal and professional development goals and elevate your business to the next level. 

Working with me will be inspiring, and supportive and I will help you gain confidence and perspective as you progress in your business. If you are ready to elevate your business, gain insight and grow the skillset you need to be successful, need some accountability to keep you on track and just overall need someone to be there for you, one of my professional mentorship & support options might be just what you are looking for. 

One-on-One Mentoring

Working with a mentor has been proven to positively impact your life in many ways from shifting your mindset to reaching goals and improving the quality of your life. 

One-on-One Mentoring is perfect for those individuals who need supervision on specific cases, developing treatment or care plans, creating unique programs for their business or want guidance on starting or operating a dog-related business. 

You lead our sessions and I provide the insight and support that you need to move forward. We can meet virtually as often as you need support, or set up a phone call to handle emergencies or things that can come up suddenly without warning. 

Current Rates (as of March 1, 2023):
90-Minute Session $220
60 Minutes Session - $175
45 Minute Session - $130
15 Minute Support Call - $45

Online Group Mentoring & Coaching Programs

Pet Care Pros - Online Group Coaching

The Pet Care Pros Online Group Mentorship Program was specifically designed with dog walkers, pet sitters and dog daycare workers in mind. This group mentorship program is mostly group-led but also structured to solve the common issues that pet care professionals face. Expect to be challenged to grow and anticipate homework to help you reach your goals. 

Issues that are covered are related to client issues & support, dog behaviour & communication, program development, transportation, skill-building, compassionate fatigue and burn-out, employee management, and more! We meet bi-weekly on Zoom, every other Friday afternoon at 12-2 pm pacific time.

Canine Behaviour Pros - Online Group Mentorship 

The Canine Behaviour Pro Online Group Mentorship Program has the behaviour professional in mind. Whether you are a dog trainer looking to expand your knowledge and skills, or a behaviour consultant seeking guidance on behaviour cases, we cover much ground in our sessions. 

Even if some topics aren't relevant to you today, they likely will be in the future. Each session will expand your understanding of working canine behaviour cases from an integrative body-brain model. This is a conflict-free, safe space. We meet bi-weekly on Zoom every other Friday afternoon at 12-2 pm Pacific time.
"Taking a person-centred approach to mentorship & leadership, my goal is to help my clients uncover their own path, listen to their intuition, realize their strengths and challenge their negative, limiting beliefs. I believe that people are stronger and more resilient that they realize, they just need some direction to make their own discoveries about themselves. "
—Niki Perry, Family Dog Mediator & Behaviour Counsellor