Partnership Excellence Program

Go At Your Own Pace.

Are you ready to change your life with your dog? Join CPU Inner Circle Today and you will get the support and guidance that you need to transform your life and your relationship with your dog. 

Build Your Own Program

Partnership Excellence is a go-at-your-own-pace program for dog guardians who need help with their dog, but prefer the option to build their own program to fit their schedule, budget and individual needs. I want to show up for YOU the way you need me to. You can work through the home study courses on your own, book private coaching with me or create a hybrid program that combines both. In-person coaching is available to those local to me in Revelstoke BC and virtual coaching is available to everyone else. Let's build your program today! 

Get the Support You Need

I created the Partnership Excellence Program to provide an educational platform for dog guardians to learn how they can help their dog overcome behaviour challenges in a way that fits their lifestyle.

  CPU Inner Circle Community is the learning hub where dog guardians to come together and learn holistic ways to partner with their dog, how to fulfill their needs, become a loving leader and help them live their best life.

We focus on practical ways to help dogs learn to become calm and connected, how to cope better with stress, how to communicate with clarity and cooperate as partners. This is a connection lifestyle approach that is easy to do and fun as well.

And yes, it's effective even for reactive, anxious, unfocused, disconnected, hyper and otherwise labelled as challenging dogs!
How would it feel to understand your dog better? To know how you can help them feel safer so they don't need to use reactive behaviour to communicate their stress? To discover ways to help your anxious dog regulate their overworked nervous system? To help your fearful dog find their inner strength and confidence? To teach your excitable dog to stay calmer and more connected?

No matter what you are going through right now, CPU is a supportive community where you can share your struggles and get support without any judgement. You will find solutions to almost all problems faced by dog guardians, and if it hasn't been covered yet, you can ask a question and get the answer you need to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Are you ready to transform your connection with your and work towards partnership excellence? Check out the features and then choose your subscription to get started today!

Learn to Speak Dog and Communicate Clearly with Them.

Behaviour is the only way your dog can communicate with you. They can't talk it out so they act it out. But you can learn how to communicate effectively.

Understand Why Your dog Does What They Do.

Understanding leads to connection. And connection is a biological imperative for both humans and dogs. Discover the why behind your dog's behaviour.

Help Your Dog Overcome Their Behaviour Issue.

Finding a behaviour consultant and trainer is a daunting task. CPU will help you learn how to overcome behaviour challenges through evidence-based science.

“Mat work is the best thing since sliced bread!! Thank you Niki for helping us learn this invaluable foundation tool. We spent a lot of time capturing and shaping this behaviour then conditioning the verbal cue. Today we started generalizing by using our new 'mat' trick to keep Nala from bugging us while eating supper! It worked so well I'm so happy I joined CPU, my dog training skills are already reaching new levels.”
—Sonja J & Nala

Are You Ready to Get Started on a Profound Journey of Discovery?

You can create the partnership and life that you dream of with your dog. I know it feels hopeless right now, but with my help, guidance and support you can reach your goals. The first step is choosing your enrolment option! Once you have enrolled you will be redirected to join our online social media community. 

Let me help you choose the right option for you:

Choose the monthly option if you are budget conscious or if you are looking to add-on 1:1 coaching. 

Choose the annual option if you love the idea of getting two months free and would love a written behaviour plan to guide you on where to start in the home study material.

Choose the lifetime option if you would like a little extra support getting started. I will create your customized written behaviour plan and we will meet in-person or virtually to discuss your goals and go over the plan. You will also have one month of free support calls with me so I can support you each step of the way and make sure you are making the most of the home study options and your investment.

Choose Your Enrolment Level 


Lowest monthly price.


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  • Unlimited Support
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Home Study Courses
  • Training Resource Archive
  • 10 Bonus Masterclasses




Enrol Now
  • Unlimited Support
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Home Study Courses
  • Training Resource Archive
  • 10 Bonus Masterclasses
  • Custom Wellness Plan
  • 1 Free Coaching Session
  • 1 Mo Unlimited Support Calls

"Very proud of my sweet Broccoli today! I took him for a walk during daylight hours for the first time in a couple months, as he’s usually does not do well with the amount of stimulation around him. Today he did not bark at a single person we walked by and didn’t spend the whole walk with his tail tucked between his legs. He happily played in the snow like a doofus! A huge thanks to Niki for helping us make the progress required for this to be possible!"
—Becca P & Broccoli

The Perks of  Joining the CPU Crew

Once you've enrolled in CPU, you'll unlock 50% off of 1:1 coaching packages, if or when, you need that little bit of extra support and guidance!

Enrol Today to Get 50% off of Your Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Program! 

If you are looking for a more intensive training program, with regular structured 1:1 coaching sessions, Partnership Mastery is the Program for you! All of your coaching is included in your program and you can choose from monthly, 6 months or a 1 year program. CLICK HERE to Enrol!