Group Mediation & Coaching

When our dogs are struggling, it deeply affects us all. As guardians, we want to "fix" their behaviour and help them cope better with life. 

Traditional ways of raising dogs involved training them in obedience, but new research has shown us that dogs have rich, emotional lives and we have to consider their mental and physical health to help them thrive. 

Family dog mediation & counselling is a holistic approach to supporting canine mental and behaviour health and group coaching gives you access to the information at an affordable price. This type of support for families combines philosophy and techniques from different theories to end suffering, improve welfare and transform maladaptive behaviour. 

By fusing concepts of different psychological theories a holistic approach can offer more specialized and flexible support than a singular form of canine behaviour support through an obedience model. 

Dogs are more than just their behaviour, and family dog mediation celebrates each individual for who they are. 

Behaviour is communication.

The behaviour of dogs is influenced by many factors from health, well-being, emotions, learning history, genetics and environment but at it's core, behaviour is really just the way a dog communicates with us. They can't speak to us, so they show us how they are feeling, what they need and what they like or dislike, through their behaviour. Beneath the surface, there are emotional and biological processes that occur within the body and if there is imbalance somewhere, it will be expressed through a dog's behaviour. 

Family dog mediation and integrated behaviour counselling is a guide to raising dogs, not training dogs. This approach is suitable for all dogs and puppies to support personal evolution, healthy development, build confidence, improve resilience and create a cooperative partnership. I specialize both in the development of puppies as well as working with emotional reactivity. 

Group mediation and coaching, is a cost effective way to access the coaching you need to overcome the problems you and your dog are facing together. 

A Holistic Approach to HEALing a Reactive Mind

The word reactive is BUZZING all over the dog world recently. But what does it mean to be a "reactive" dog?

I define a reactivity as the state of mind that produces unhealthy behaviour that an individual uses to express emotional dysregulation. In other words, behaviour is the way a dog communicates that they are having a hard time adapting or regulating their emotional state under certain, specific conditions. 

Reactivity affects a dog’s ability to feel safe, stay regulated and manage impulses and it can have a negative impact on the well-being and welfare of dogs. Dogs living with a reactive mind may have challenges with emotional regulation, staying attentive, responding to cues and direction, adapting to changes in the environment and coping with stress. 

A holistic approach to reactivity helps a dog heal from the inside out. We start by addressing your dog's internal state by ensuring their biological needs are being met with good nutrition, a healthy routine, connection and comfort and appropriate rest and recovery. 

Monthly Group Mediation & Coaching

You can help your dog grow their confidence, build resilience and heal from trauma. The monthly group mediation & coaching program gives you direct access to me for support, questions and guidance on how to identify maladaptive stress responses, emotional dysregulation, trauma and any patterns that are holding your dog back from thriving in life. 

Group mediation & coaching is for guardians who are desperately seeking help for their dog who is struggling to cope with every day life resulting in concerning behaviour such as lunging, growling, snapping or biting, or expressing emotional dysregulation through anxiety or panic. If you've worked with a dog trainer, and your dog has learned some skills like sit, down and heel, but they are still reacting in certain situations, it's because you haven't gotten to the root of their problem which is found planted deep inside their nervous system. Family dog mediation and counselling goes deeper than obedience training, to heal your dog from the inside out. 

Family Dog Mediation & Coaching with Niki Perry can help you: 

  • Understand your dog's unique constitution and personality to help you learn how to help them as an individual.
  • Give clarity around your dog's genetics and how they play a role in the development of their behaviour. 
  • Guide you on how to meet your dog's physical, emotional and social needs and create inner harmony.
  • Help you identify negative experiences that may have wounded your dog's nervous system leaving them with trauma.
  • Teach you about how the environment influences your dog's emotional state and behaviour responses and how to manage it.
  • Increase your ability to re-educate your dog with new coping strategies through cognitive and behavioural activities.

What's Included with your membership?

  • Full access to Resilient Dog University where Niki will answer your questions and provide unlimited support through a discussion forum. 
  • 2 x 120-minute live zoom sessions each month led by Niki herself. You will have direct access to ask questions and get the help you need. Every session is interactive with lessons and exercises. Zoom calls are typically held every other Thursday at 6pm PST.
  • Free access to previous recordings and calls. Everything is recorded so you will never miss a thing! 
  • Expert guidance and proven techniques that will help both you and your dog to heal. Dogs often mirror what their guardian is experiencing in their internal state. Niki is also training in human counselling and psychotherapy and she includes aspects of personal evolution for you as well.
  • Powerful healing that include the discovery of connection, identification of thought patterns, perspective shifts, increased awareness and improved synchronicity. 
"Thank YOU!! I am not easily impressed but you are amazing! I can’t believe the amount of information that you got into us in such a short time. I loved all the practical sessions. My time is very valuable so I appreciate how magically you stuck to your agenda!! I love your calm presence with both the dogs and their guardians!! I look forward to coming (to Revy) again for future workshops!!!"
—Chris M, Vernon BC
"Santa got our family a new puppy, with it came some challenges because of previous location. i was frustrated, exhausted and not sure what to do! i reached out to Niki and she gave me the best suggestions but also took the time to help me understand what the heck might be going through my pups brain!! within just a week i had an almost fully potty trained puppy, one who went from ripping apart her kennel to going in it to take naps, breaks and just to hang out! i thought i was going to have to spend so much money at petsmart or something but she was BRILLIANT just over voice messages! She's knowledgeable and you can feel her passion and love for Fur babies! 5 stars for sure!!
—Cathy B, Twin Falls ID
""I learned so much in the workshop last weekend! Broo is doing great at his games and we are having so much fun practicing!" 
—Jayme R, Revelstoke BC

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