From Reactive to Relaxed - The Partnership Way to Help Reactive Dogs

Raising a reactive dog comes with many challenges but you don't have to go through them on your own.

From Reactive to Relaxed is a unique program for dog parents who are struggling with their dog's reactive, anxious, fearful or excitable behaviour.

You will learn how to help your dog regulate their nervous system, how to understand your dog better, how to read their signals, how to help them feel safe in any environment and how to teach them new skills that are needed to condition new responses to their triggers.

This is your journey from reactive to relaxed. It's not a quick-fix scheme, but rather a fantastically inspiring discovery of your dog's personality, deepest desires and fears so that you can become the loving leader that they want and need.

Our classes start on Monday March 15 at 11am PST and run weekly for 5 weeks. There is no class on Monday April 5 due to the Easter Holiday.

This webinar is free for Connected Partners University. Please enrol here to attend this event.