Embracing Your Dog's Prey Drive

Are you living with a dog who loves to experience the exhilaration of the hunt?

If you have ever been left standing alone while your dog is off on a wild chase, this masterclass is for you.

I'll never forget the feeling when my husky, Isabelle would take off up the mountain after a deer. My chest would hurt from the stress and the fear that she would get lost, hurt, run into the angry farmer who threatened to shoot her or even end up crossing a busy road.

But there was one thing that stood out for me. When she finally returned (or I found her *eye roll*) the smile that was on her face was glorious. Her eyes would be gleaming with joy because her most innate doggy desires had been met.

If she could speak, she'd probably say, "THAT. WAS. INCREDIBLE! Did you see me?"

Most training programs would have you ruin all the fun. Whether through pain or management, the program generally requires an interruption of the predatory behaviours or keeping the dog on leash.

I love clicker training, but I can tell you that even the most valuable treats are not match for the enrichment that Isabelle got from her chase.

I had to find another way to allow her to get the feeling of experiencing the prey animal but in a safe, controlled way.

I can't wait to share with you the protocol that I used to teach Isabelle how to remain calm around prey animals and stay connected with me.

This is not a quick-fix protocol. I love to work with my dogs and take our time to bond through those interactions.

I am going to show you how you can do the same and create a cooperative partnership with your dog that brings the responsiveness that you hope for.

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