An Introduction to Zoophytotherapy for Dogs

Newsflash…Aromatherapy is not for animals.

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils and other aroma compounds to heal the body, mind and spirit of humans.

Although aromatherapies can be adapted to use with animals, as a practicing holistic animal behaviour consultant, I really felt the need to simplify and clarify essential oil use specifically for animals.

So, I set out to develop a holistic therapy for the use of plant extracts, like essential oils, that was inspired by, and designed specifically for, our furry companions.

My goal was to create an easy to follow system of practices for guardians to incorporate into their daily routine that would provide the healing benefits that plants offer.  

Over the last three years I have been committed to studying the science of essential oils with a particular focus on safe use for animals.

I am so grateful for those professionals who have stepped out into the forefront of this animal holism movement, creating an opportunity for us to do better for our beloved companions.

With the help of many experts, webinars, textbooks and courses, I developed Zoophytotherapy, a gentle, alternative therapy that supports the emotional and physical health of animals.

Zoophytotherapy is a holistic healing practice that uses natural plant extracts to enhance the overall well-being of animals and their guardians.

With a focus on safety, scent association, gentle use and consistent practices, Zoophytotherapy, differentiates itself from aromatherapy. This unique therapy brings the benefits of essential oils and other aroma compounds to animals in a safe and gentle way.

Zoophytotherapy uses essential oils medicinally to support overall health, balance emotions, calm the nervous system, uplift mood, improve focus and create a deeply-rooted and trusting bond between human and animal. 

Join me for this discovery into how you can bring natural, plant therapy into your life to bring health, balance and vitality to your dog.