Essential Oil Wellness for Pets

I know there is quite a buzz around essential oils these days but what are they and why have the become so popular? Many people are curious about oils but wonder about their safety around their animal family members and others are just downright skeptical. I've had the pleasure of learning from some incredible holistic veterinarians who use essential oils around their own pets and their patients as well and now I get to share what I've learned with you. 

Why would an animal behaviour therapist be interested in natural wellness practices? Well, I think it’s possible to love applied behaviour analysis, psychology and neuroscience and still use alternative healing methods. So Let's learn a bit about what essential oils are and why I love to use them. 

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are extracted from different plant parts. They are the "things" that give plants their distinctive scents, but more than that, they actually serve a pivotal ecological role in the plant prior to extraction. 

They provide the plant with protection from threats, provide inter-plant signalling (similar to hormones in our body), also there’s evidence that they provide intra-plant signalling to send defence to a damaged part of the plant, and they also play a role in pollination. 
"The combination of Copaiba, Tumeric and Frankincense has helped Maverick with her liver issues since I started her on it almost 2 years ago. Her ALT was 750 with her last vet visit. It will never be normal again, but my vet is happy and keeps telling me to keep doing what I am doing, it is working!"
—Barb J & Maverick

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils should not be confused with perfume, fragrance or other synthetic scents because these products usually contain unsafe, chemical ingredients that can actually be quite harmful to humans and animals. 

Synthetic fragrances can be found in soaps, air-fresheners, cleaning products and other common household products and to minimize toxicity, it is recommended that these be replaced with safe, non-toxic items. 

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants, humans and animals can experience the health benefits from the use of essential oils. Being that essential oils have an extraordinarily small molecular size and are lipid soluble, they are easily absorbed through the skin and nasal cavity and easily carried throughout our entire body potentiating incredible health benefits.

Essential oils can be supportive for mood and emotions, the nervous system and brain, the immune system, respiratory & cardiovascular health and even reduce pain and inflammation. I have also replaced all of my home cleaners and personal products with essential oil products and non-toxic soaps. 

Pure essential oils that are are grown in an ideal environment, without chemical pesticides, are carefully extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing and are extensively tested to ensure this purity100% are safe to use for your family and that includes your pets! 

I only use doTERRA Essential Oils in my home. Watch the video below to discover why I chose this brand and how I use them everyday. 

Discover the Power of Aroma 

In Behaviour Support Programs

Watch the training video below to learn more about essential oils and all of the amazing things they can do for your dog's health and well-being and to support them as they work to overcome fearful, reactive or anxious behaviour. 
"Panther and I are celebrating today! We saw an off-leash dog crossing our path 20 feet from us, a distance that would not have been enough a few weeks ago. Not only was she able to look engage/disengage she did not make so much as a peep and had a nice relaxed body next to me. I started giving Panther Adaptiv Capsules (by doTERRA) with her dinner a month ago and right away I noticed that all the things we had been working on for almost 1 year now were starting to stick including loose leash walking. Happy days!."
—Kayla S & Panther