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Obedience Not Required

Is your dog struggling on walks,  when you have visitors over or in new situations? Does he bark, lunge or snap at dogs? Does he become frantic or fearful when people come over to your house or when you run into them on the trail?

 Reactive behaviour like lunging on leash and over-excited behaviour like jumping up, biting the leash or ignoring cues, are not obedience problems so trying to "fix" them with training rarely solves the problem. 

Does your dog... 

  • bark or lunge at dogs or people when you're walking on leash?
  • become frantic or aggressive when visitors come to your house?
  • growl, snap or bite at you or others in certain situations?
  • jump up on you, bite the leash or chase your feet?
  • ignore you when you call them or not check in at all when walking?
  • jump on people or dogs when greeting them?
  • bark at anyone or anything that goes by your house?
  • pace around constantly, never really relaxing?
  • chew on your furniture or anything they can get their teeth on?
  • just seem unhappy, stressed or anxious?

You might be surprised to know that these aren't actually behaviour problems. There is something else going on inside your dog that needs urgent attention, support and healing. 

The Evolution of the Dog Behaviour & Training Profession

The animal behaviour industry is evolving and new science is teaching us more about animal behaviour than we ever understood before. Dogs are sentient beings with a mammalian nervous system that is similar no matter the species. From mice to elephants to humans, the emotional experience of mammals is similar across the board. 

With these new discoveries into the canine emotional experience, we understand now that these types of reactive or anxious behaviour are used by dogs who are experiencing emotional dysregulation, rather than dogs who are behaving badly. Reactive, fearful and anxious behaviour is associated with experiences of psychological trauma, injury, maltreatment and certain associated mental health disorders such as anxiety, C-PTSD or obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Deepen Your Connection

You love your dog and you want them to live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. You probably never anticipated the struggles you are having and feel confused as to how you got here. If you can related to this, you've come to the right place to get help, gain clarity and transform your life and partnership with your dog.  
Traditional work with dogs who rehearse reactive behaviour involved flooding the dog with stress and then trying to suppress their expression of fear. Experiences of trauma, neglect or abuse create a hypersensitive response to emotional stimuli and causes a slower return to a normal emotional state and difficulty shutting off the defensive nervous system response. This is manifested biologically and automatically within the subconscious systems that operate within the body. 

Understanding what is going on within the body to create the observable behaviour, gives us the ability to support the dog holistically to help them heal from the inside out. Although I don't downplay the immense importance of the behaviour that of which a guardian desires to change, I also understand that by only changing what I see on the outside, will not change the internal response that is creating the behaviour in the first place.

So if obedience and training aren't the solution, what is? How can you help your dog overcome those challenges so you can enjoy your walks, adventures and visits with friends again?

Your Dog is Not Giving You a Hard Time. Your Dog is Having a Hard Time...

Give Love Not Punishment

When you see a dog rehearsing reactive, fearful or anxious behaviour, they are not doing this to be bad, to test their guardian or to try to be an alpha. They are legitimately experiencing an intense stress response that was triggered by a stimulus that was perceived as a threat or danger.

Although reactive behaviour may look offensive it is actually a defensive response and signifies a shift in mental state for the dog. If your dog has the tendency to behave this way, they are not giving you a hard time, they are having a really hard time. Your dog doesn't need punishment in these circumstances, they need compassion, empathy, understanding, love and they need to feel safe. 

Understanding Your Dog's Behaviour

For many years, my approach to helping families with dogs was solely based in applied behaviour analysis but as I expanded my understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in behaviour expression, I knew I needed to incorporate new therapies to support deeper healing and connection. 

Working through animal behaviour and wellness challenges can be complex and sometimes require a multi-layered approach. It can be difficult to find a dog professional that has education and experience in many different facets of helping dogs live their best life and that's exactly why I created Connected Partners University Online. 

CPU Online is not your average online dog training school. 

What Makes CPU Online Different? 

CPU Online is...

  • the best place to learn about how to help your dog overcome reactive, fearful or anxious behaviour through a compassionate and effective framework
  • the only online learning community that provides a hybrid model to offer programs that include private therapy options, group therapy options, online courses, training modules and step by step guides
  • an all-in-one community where dog guardians can come to learn about dog behaviour, emotions, communication and discover holistic therapies for dogs that bring together all elements of healing the body, mind and spirit. 
  • an opportunity to not only learn about behaviour but also canine nutrition, acute canine herbalism, scent association therapy and natural healing through energy from a multi-talented, practitioner.
  • for guardians who want to understand their dog better so they can provide the lifelong support that they need to thrive in life.
  • a place to connect with like-minded individuals who are going through similar experiences and challenges with their dog

Now Is The Time To Join

If you are desperately seeking help for your dog's behaviour and are ready to start on an impactful journey to overcome the challenges that are affecting your life, this is the time to join CPU Online. 

Enrol today and you can start an online course experience that is all about overcoming big behaviour challenges like reactivity, fear and different types of anxiety. Our live classes currently run on Wednesday nights at 6pm, but all lessons are recorded so you can watch live, or at a day and time that works for you. 

When you enrol today, you can start working towards the Connected Partners Certificate which signifies your commitment to understanding your dog and helping them heal from trauma, negative experiences and biological conditions.

This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of dogs, show you how to identify arousal and how to prevent over-arousal, how to become the loving leaders your dog wants you to be, a deep look at the emotions of dogs, understanding of fear & reactivity and how to help dogs overcome these life-altering experiences. 

3 Options for You to Enrol Today

Choose the option that meets your individual needs: monthly low-cost option, LIFEtime Membership or the FUNdamentals Program.

 If you need private therapy sessions to support your unique needs, choose the  FUNdamentals Program. 

If you want to focus on the self-study, online course or virtual classes, the Monthly and LIFEtime Programs gives you access to CPU Online forever!

Monthly Program


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  • Lifetime CPU Membership
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Bonus masterclasses
  • Step by step tutorials 

LIFEtime Program


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  • Lifetime CPU Membership
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Weekly live webinars
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  • Behaviour intake session

Have Questions?

I know that choosing a canine behaviour professional is a big decision. You want to make sure the person you choose is someone who is experienced, knowledgable, kind, caring, helpful and result driven. If you're not sure if this program is right for you or if you have questions about this or other programs, feel free to reach out to me and I'll get back to you to discuss anything you have on your mind. 

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