Essential Oils for Peaceful Passings

This topic has come up a few times for me over the past few weeks, so the universe is telling me it’s time to talk about transitions, particularly peacefully passing on from this life to the afterlife. 

Research has shown that the loss of a pet can elicit feelings of grief in humans that are more intense that that of losing a human family member. Complementary, or alternative therapies such as Reiki and Essential Oils, definitely have a role to play in improving the quality of one’s life as it draws to an end.

Essential oils can provide comfort on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for those who are amidst their transition. They can also be very helpful to all those around them, guardians, family members and care givers who will experience grief and the rawness or loss.

The most appropriate essential oil synergy to use will very much depend on the individual animal and what they are experiencing as they transition. It’s also particularly important to create blends that are aromatically pleasing to the individual making the transition.

This means taking into consideration the oils self-selected by your pet as well as their very unique and individual needs as they prepare for their travels across the rainbow bridge. Taking just a little bit of time to consider these can be helpful when you go about choosing the oils for this very special blend.

There are a number of different methods of application that might work, however a lot will depend on the individual, the particular circumstances and their personal preferences.

These could include:

  • Diffusion of a favourite blend. Water-based diffusion only - the Petal (by doTERRA) diffuser is the diffuser I recommend for use around animals because of the intermittent setting. 
  • Water-mist sprays for bedding or blankets, favourite toys. 
  • Gentle anointing with an oil blend. 
  • Petting with a favourite blend. 
  • Using gentle touch combined with beautiful aromas can provide a very special and meaningful experience for the animal as well as for the guardian. 
  • Reiki is a beautiful practice and a wonderful way to connect through intuition and allow for the transition from life to death to be peaceful. Using a drip technique like, The Harmony Drip is a way to ease this transition and allow essential oils to pass through the animals very own energy field and allow for powerful soul-level healing. 
Essential oils can play a part in helping to understand and sooth their fears and alleviate their mental suffering so they can pass without carrying any heavy burdens.

The oils of frankincense, green mandarin, sandalwood and ylang ylang are useful in relieving fear and despair and would be a beautiful diffuser blend.

Frankincense – encourages acceptance and understanding.
Ylang Ylang – encourages acceptance of who you are.
Sandalwood – promotes peace and acceptance and in Spiritual PhytoEssencing has the theme of death and dying.
Green Mandarin – allows an individual to return to the delight and simplicity of their younger days, releases one from feeling trapped or limited by themselves and promote a fearlessness and heart openness as they approach the end of their physical life.

For those that find spiritual connection through the simplicity of nature itself, the aroma of a favourite scent can be enough to bring someone to universal contemplation: neroli, clary sage, geranium, basil, wild orange, bergamot, or even patchouli can be used for the memories and symbolisms that they connect to.

Simpler still, in the last days of life the use of lavender essential oil lightly massaged on the top of the animal’s head will fill the individual with the unconditional love of the mother and surround them with a courageous embrace to guide them across the rainbow bridge into the afterlife. Lavender calms the nervous system and allows for an individual to connect to their heart and soul.

A drop of rose essential oil on the upper chest over the heart holds symbolism. Rose holds a higher vibrational frequency than any other oil on the planet. Rose essential oil invites to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the universe and this love heals all hearts and dresses all wounds of life to allow for a light and easy transition.

Here are some other oils to consider to support the individual transitioning as well as those mourning their loss:

Cardamom – has the theme of being able to ease the passage of the dying to the next plane of existence.
Ginger – encourages acceptance where previously there was only an urge for struggle and fighting
Grapefruit – fosters acceptance, inner peace, forgiveness and self-forgiveness
Lemon – Can be helpful for those terrified of dying.
Myrrh – has themes of aging, degeneration and dying
Spikenard – enhances acceptance, compassion, inner balance and inner peace
Cypress – eases the pain of losses of all kinds particularly when one is experiencing the loss of someone close. It is very helpful in time of transition.
Roman Chamomile - promotes calm acceptance of one’s own limitations and eases the tensions associated with excessive ego such as frustration and resentment. It promotes patience.
Marjoram - can reduce fear and comforts and supports one in moving forward. can also be helpful in allowing one to accept deep, emotional loss.
Melissa - is helpful when one is dealing with issues around death. It can promote emotional clarity as well as understanding and acceptance.

I have found that Essential Oils can also provide a wonderful aromatic memento of your beloved friend which can be very comforting for you after they are gone.

No matter the oils you finally do choose to incorporate into this period of celebration and graduation from this stage to the next, my hope is that they will bring comfort and peace to everyone.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how they can be incorporated into your life and daily routine, set up your free discovery call with me today.

If you would like me to provide Energy Alignment for your beloved companion, contact me to set up a consultation today. 

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