Private Behaviour Counselling

To foster the development of healthy behaviour in their dogs, guardians can discover the unique intelligence of their dogs and celebrate them for who they are while ensuring their canine needs are constantly being met to support overall well-being. 

Canine behaviour counselling is a branch of work within the umbrella of professional dog training, but it doesn't involve training a dog in the traditional sense. Humans and dogs have lived in a cooperative relationship for roughly 33,000 years, and obedience training has existed only in the last 120 years. 

The truth is, dogs don't need to be trained in obedience to live and thrive with humans. Training is for sport, but to live successfully and happily with humans, dogs don't need training; they need to be raised as part of the family. Dogs need to be seen, heard, valued and loved like other family members. 

Working with a Canine Behaviour Counsellor

Working one-on-one with a canine behaviour counsellor is a beautiful way to learn how to support your dog's development and improve their mental health, resilience and confidence. 

Canine Behaviour Counselling focuses on teaching about the fundamental canine needs, clear communication between human and dog, emotional regulation strategies, inhibitory control and cooperation through kindness, love and empathy. 

Although each client and situation is unique, private behaviour counselling sessions are based upon the Family Dog Raising Guide and the Five Fundamental Needs for Healthy Canine Development to help dogs with their behaviour from the inside out. 

Families struggling with various challenges such as puppy-raising issues, emotional reactivity, anxiety, barking, digging, chewing, pulling on the leash, hyperactive behaviour, impaired sensory integration, difficulties maintaining focus or any other issue that comes up can get support, guidance and care through canine behaviour counselling sessions. 

Intensive Behaviour Counselling Session Info Rates

All new clients start with a Two Hour Program Intake Session as their first step. 

In this initial session we will work together to: 

  • Understand who your dog is through their unique personality type
  • Assess your dog's current behaviour expression and figure out what it is rooted in
  • Identify the arousal zones and which activities produce different levels of arousal
  • Start to build a routine of healthy habits including enrichment, rest and play
  • Identify your dog's triggers and create a plan to prevent re-traumatization
  • Teach basic responsiveness and attention as a foundation for cooperation

In our sessions together, we don't focus our efforts on obedience training but rather, we work to ensure the needs of the dog are being met to heal and balance any existing dysregulation and prevent future issues from developing. 

You can expect to learn a lot by working with a canine behaviour counsellor! Topics include enrichment, social development, cooperation through games and play, emotional support, strategies to fulfill instinctual self-expression and plans for prevention and management of unhealthy behaviour expression. 

Current Rates (as of September 1, 2022): 

Program Intake (2 hours) - $295
Canine Counselling Session (60 minutes) - $160
Canine Counselling Session (45 minutes) - $120
Client Support (15 minutes/single topic) - $40

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Ready to Start Improving Your Dog's Mental Health?

Is Canine Behaviour Counselling for You?

It is difficult for families to navigate the unregulated industry to dog professionals to find the right kind of support and guidance they need to help their dog. For decades, guardians have been conditioned to believe that their dog needs to be trained in obedience to successfully live with their family. If you are unsure, just reach out through the contact form and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

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